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 Midge candles made with citronella,
 lavender or bog myrtle essential oils
 Midge candle in tin made with citronella,
 lavender or bog myrtle essential oils

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Midge candles are sold as 3 inch pillar candles or compact tins,
they come in 3 scents - citronella, bog myrtle and lavender.

Excellent retail and wholesale prices; unique POS aids.
6 pillar candles per box, 12 tins per box, we do mixed boxes.
Because they're handmade we only sell pillars with other products.

To sell our products please use our trade enquiry form,
this gives us the information we need to answer your enquiry.

Our outlets around Scotland, Wales, the Lake District and Ireland include village shops,
community shops, pharmacies, farm shops, garden centres, petrol stations, tea rooms,
caravan and camping sites, holiday parks, activity and adventure centres, visitor centres,
gardens, chandlers, hardware, outdoor, sport, climbing, walking, fishing and cycle shops.

The Outdoor Candles are a product from the Midge Man.
Totally Herby is a trading name of Elmbronze Ltd.
Unit 5 Keppenburn Workshops, Fairlie, KA29 0AS, Scotland, UK.
Phone: 01475-689274 .  Give us a ring,
 why don't you?

Enquiries from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and also from countries outside the UK are very welcome.

You can order all our Totally Herby products centrally and securely.

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